JMBE's Spring 2017 Issue Is Now Available!

Volume 18, Issue 1 - the newest issue from JMBE has closed. Within the 28-article issue, readers can expect research on participation in a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE), a discussion on using a concept inventory to reveal student misconceptions, and a set of scaffolded online activities designed to improve study skills. There are over ten innovative, easily-implemented classroom and laboratory activities on topics such as biofilms, communicating science, student engagement, and much more. 

> Read the new issue on ASMscience

> Download the press release announcing Vol 18, Iss 1

Note that ASMscience provides JMBE readers with a robust and interactive reader venue. First and foremost, readers can search for and browse JMBE's education articles alongside related science content from other ASM publications. Figures are now available for download as PowerPoint slides, allowing adopters to insert material easily into lectures and presentations. Finally, each article reports metrics, such as full text views and PDF downloads, so authors and readers can determine the article's impact. We encourage you to sign up for JMBE eTOC alerts to receive updates and information from ASMscience. We hope you will stay informed on JMBE's upcoming initiatives and look forward to sharing our newly published content with you!

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