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Authors: Moselio Schaechter1, John L. Ingraham2, Frederick C. Neidhardt3
Affiliations: 1: Department of Biology San Diego State University and Division of Biological Sciences University of California, San Diego San Diego, California; 2: Section of Microbiology Division of Biological Sciences University of California, Davis Davis, California; 3: Department of Microbiology and Immunology University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan;
Format: Paperback, Electronic
Publication Year: 2006

Category: Best-Selling Textbook; General Interest

, a general microbiology textbook intended for upper-division undergraduate courses, is an exciting introduction to the world of microbes. With a distinct ecological and evolutionary orientation, Microbe invites readers to partake of the most current advances in the field. Written by prominent scientists with practical teaching, textbook writing, and research experience, this textbook will engage students in the learning process with its clear, reader-friendly style and unique perspective of the field.

is paradigm-driven rather than fact-driven. Key concepts are illustrated by inspiring examples that convey the excitement of the field. This is not a compendium of facts, but rather a textbook in the older, traditional sense: a book that can be used for studying rather than for looking up factual information.

The book is divided into seven sections covering the most pertinent information related to the study of microbes, including microbial activity; structure and function; growth, inheritance, physiology, and diversity; and biological interactions. Each chapter concludes with though-provoking study questions, for which answers are listed in the back of the book.

Purchase of the Microbe textbook grants instructors and students access to two Web resources. The first is the Microbe website and the second is the BrainX E-Learning System study guide.

The website is designed to amplify material covered in the book by providing quick links to additional information and animation and video clips. The organization of the supplementary material corresponds to the chapters in the book, and links are clearly labeled by number and title. Sidebars throughout the text guide readers to designated links. Instructors and students can access the Microbe website by visiting www.microbebook.org.

The enhances learning and allows students to make more productive use of their study time. Creation of the study guide begins with an expert in the field who reads each chapter and identifies the core concepts that are likely to appear on exams. The identified core concepts are then converted into Learning Questions which the digital tutor uses to quiz the student until the assigned chapter has been mastered. Instructors and students can access the BrainX E-Learning System using the unique authentication code located inside the textbook.

  • Allows readers to learn about the most exciting and current advances in the field through clear ecological and evolutionary orientation
  • Emphasizes the roles of microbes in sustaining all life on Earth
  • Presents paradigm-driven material in a clear, reader-friendly style
  • Deals with the complexities of medical microbiology from the standpoint of both the microbe and its human host
  • Provides unifying frameworks for understanding microbial metabolism and physiology
  • Offers study questions at the end of each chapter for reinforcement of material covered
  • Features companion Web site with valuable student resources and the BrainX E-Learning System study guide

The pass code on the inside front cover of your textbook is valid for one user only. If you have bought a used copy of Microbe and cannot use the pass code to set up an electronic study guide account, you may purchase a pass code and access to the online study guide for $17.95. To purchase access to the study guide, follow this link: http://www.brainx.com/retailstore.htm.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive two separate emails from our vendor, BrainX. . The first message is a receipt for your purchase and confirms that the transaction was processed. The second message contains your unique authentication code and also provides the link to the electronic study guide. .

If you experience difficulty with your purchase or with your authentication code, please contact BrainX by email at Support@BrainX.com or on the Web, www.Brainx.com, or contact ASM Press by email at books@asmusa.org.

For more on the book and information on requesting an examination copy please visit http://www.asmscience.org/instructors

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