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Citation: Brandt M, Gomez B, Warnock D. .

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TaqMan Real-Time PCR Assay
Central Nervous System Diseases
Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
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Image of FIGURE 1

Mycelial phase of showing tuberculate macroconidia and microconidia. Lactophenol cotton blue stain. Magnification, ∼×245.

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Image of FIGURE 2

GMS stain showing blastoconidia of . Magnification, ∼×290.

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Image of FIGURE 3

(A) Calcofluor white wet mount of sputum showing blastoconidia of . Original magnification, ×475. (Courtesy of the American Society of Clinical Pathology.) (B) Calcofluor white wet mount of sputum showing blastoconidia of . Magnification, ∼×255.

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Image of FIGURE 4

Mycelial phase of . Magnification, ∼×240.

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Image of FIGURE 5

Blastoconidia of . GMS stain. Magnification, ∼×290.

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Image of FIGURE 6

Mycelial phase of showing alternating arthroconidia. Lactofuchsin stain. Magnification, ∼×250.

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Image of FIGURE 7

KOH preparation of pus from a lesion showing spherule and endospores. Magnification, ∼×290. (Reprinted from reference with permission).

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Image of FIGURE 8

Wet mount showing blastoconidia of . Magnification, ∼×290

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Image of FIGURE 9

adiaspore in mouse tissue. PAS stain. Magnification, ∼×280.

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