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Citation: Bruckner D, Labarca J. .

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Chagas' Disease
Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
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Life cycle stages of spp.

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Image of FIGURE 2

(A) amastigotes from splenic press preparation (Giemsa stain); (B) amastigotes in liver (hematoxylin and eosin stain).

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Image of FIGURE 3

promastigotes (Giemsa stain).

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Image of FIGURE 4

Life cycle stages of trypanosomes.

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Image of FIGURE 5

(A and B) trypomastigotes; (C and D) trypomastigotes.

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Image of FIGURE 6

epimastigotes (Giemsa stain).

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Image of FIGURE 7

amastigotes in heart muscle (hematoxylin and eosin stain).

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Features of human leishmanial infections

CL, cutaneous leishmaniasis; DCL, diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis; DL, diffuse leishmaniasis; MCL, mucocutaneous leishmaniasis; VL, visceral leishmaniasis.

in the Old World 5 i in the New World.

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Characteristics of trypanosomiasis

Anthropozoonosis: transmission involving human-animal-human cycle.

Anthroponosis: transmission involving a human-human cycle.

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Diagnostic methods to detect Chagas' infections

EIA, enzyme immunoassay; IHA, indirect hemagglutinin assay; RIPA, radioimmunoprecipitation assay; WB, Western blot.


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