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Acanthamoeba castellanii
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Image of FIGURES 1 through 4 FIGURES 5 and 6 FIGURES 7 and 8
FIGURES 1 through 4 FIGURES 5 and 6 FIGURES 7 and 8

. (1) Trophozoite, phase contrast (note the uroid and filaments at arrow); (2) trophozoite, trichrome stain; (3) biflagellate, phase contrast; (4) smooth-walled cyst, phase contrast (note the pore at the arrow). All magnifications, ∼×835.

. (5) Trophozoite, phase contrast (note the acanthopodia at the arrow); (6) double-walled cyst, phase contrast. Both magnifications, ∼×835.

. (7) Trophozoite, phase contrast; (8) cyst, phase contrast. Both magnifications, ∼×1,140.

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Image of FIGURE 9

Large numbers of trophozoites (arrows) in a section of CNS tissue, showing extensive necrosis and destruction of brain tissue. Magnification, ∼×564.

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Image of FIGURE 10

trophozoites (arrows) and a cyst (arrowhead) around a blood vessel in a section of CNS tissue from a GAE patient. Magnification, ∼×489.

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Image of FIGURE 11

trophozoites and a cyst (arrowhead) in a brain section from a GAE patient. Note the double (small arrow) and triple (large arrow) nucleolar elements within the nuclei of the trophozoites. Magnification. ∼×413.

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Image of FIGURE 12

Immunofluorescence localization of in a brain section from a GAE patient. Note the fluorescent amebae (arrows) around blood vessels. Magnification, ∼×188.

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