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Citation: Brown-Elliott B, Wallace R. .

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Central Nervous System Diseases
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
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Image of FIGURE 1

PRA patterns of commonly encountered species of RGM. Lanes (left to right): lane 1, BstEII; lane 2, subsp. BstEII; lane 3, subsp. BstEII; lane 4, BstEII; lane 5, 100-bp ladder; lane 6, pGem ladder; lane 7, HaeIII; lane 8, subsp. HaeIII; lane 9, subsp. HaeIII; lane 10, HaeIII.

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Generic image for table

Six major groups of RGM

Generic image for table

Currently recognized species of RGM

Formerly .

Formerly .

is 100% identical to , while (type I) is 100% identical to .

” is currently a nonvalidated species.

RGM at 30°C/slowly growing at 35°C.

16S rRNA gene sequence is identical to the sequence of the unvalidated species “.”

Grows at 65°C.

Grows on or degrades a variety of organic substrates.

Pathogenic for fish.

ND, no data available.


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