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Citation: Fitzgerald C, Nachamkin I. .

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Lower Gastrointestinal Tract
Upper Gastrointestinal Tract
Campylobacter jejuni
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Practical algorithm for identifying and spp. that do not require increased hydrogen for primary isolation in the clinical laboratory. GNR, gram-negative rods; TSI, triple sugar iron agar. subsp. is variable for catalase and hippurate tests. Strains of subsp. can be variable for growth at 42°C. is variable for growth at 42°C and in the catalase test. produces variable results in the catalase test. is variable for growth at 42°C. Results for the catalase test are biovar dependent; bv. faecalis is catalase positive. Some strains of may grow better in an increased hydrogen environment. grows under microaerophilicconditions, but some strains require additional hydrogen. Rapid HS test. Urease-positive strains are referred to as the urease-positive thermophilic campylobacter group.

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Generic image for table

Reservoirs for and diseases associated with and species

The information on this table is from references , and .

GI, gastrointestinal; B, bloodstream infection; D, dental/oral; T, soft tissue; NR, not reported to be associated with human infections.


Biovar sputorum.

Biovar paraureolyticus.

Biovar faecalis.

Generic image for table

Useful phenotypic properties of and species

Adapted from references , and . +, positive reaction; –, negative reaction; V, variable reaction; ND, not determined; TSI, triple sugar iton.

subsp. can be differentiated from subsp. by lack of growth on media containing 0.05% safranin ( ).

Anaerobic growth only.

Strains of and subsp. normally produce large amounts of HS in TSI agar ( ).

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Differentiation of and by PCR

Abbreviations: cc, ; cj,


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