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Citation: Rollin P, Rota P, Zaki S, Ksiazek T. .

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Nipah virus
Hendra virus
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Image of FIGURE 1

Ultrastructural characteristics of Nipah virus isolate in cell culture as seen by negative-stain (A) and thin-section (B) EM (courtesy of C. S. Goldsmith). (A) A single nucleocapsid shows the typical herringbone appearance characteristic of the family . (B) Nipah virus nucleocapsids become tightly aligned along the plasma membrane as particle prepares to bud. Scale bar, 100 nm.

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Image of FIGURE 2

Typical eosinophilic viral inclusions (black arrowheads) in the cytoplasm of neurons (hematoxylin and eosin stain; original magnification, ×250).

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Image of FIGURE 3

Nipah virus encephalitis: viral antigen present among numerous neurons. Note the abundance of extracellular antigen (immunoalkaline phosphatase with naphthol fast red substrate and light hematoxylin counterstain; magnification, ×120).

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Hendra and Nipah virus outbreaks in Australia, Bangladesh, and India, 1994 to January 2010

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Signs and symptoms of patients with confirmed Nipah or Hendra virus infection


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