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Citation: Jerome K, Morrow R. .
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Image of FIGURE 1

(A) Normal human diploid fibroblasts. Magnification, ×400. (B) HSV-1 in human diploid fibroblasts. Magnification, ×400. (C) Normal mink lung. Magnification, ×100. (D) HSV-2 in mink lung cells. Magnification, ×100. (E) Normal Hep-2 cells. Magnification, ×400. (F) HSV-2 in Hep-2 cells. Magnification, ×400. doi:10.1128/9781555817381.ch98.f1

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Image of FIGURE 2

(A) Toxicity in human diploid fibroblasts. Magnification, ×100. (B) HSV-2 direct fluorescent antibody confirmatory test. doi:10.1128/9781555817381.ch98.f2

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FDA-cleared molecular amplification tests for HSV

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Monoclonal antibodies for HSV-1 and -2 detection, confirmation, and typing by immunofluorescence

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Selected diagnostic tests for HSV


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