Chapter 2 : Epidemiology of Infection

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This chapter provides the reader with the most recent data in regard to the epidemiology of and reviews current areas of controversy. infection is ubiquitous and infects both males and females. Natural acquisition of infection occurs, for the most part, in childhood. Once established within the gastric mucosa, the bacterium persists for life. The possibility that may be a zoonosis first arose following the publication of two seroepidemiological studies that showed that the prevalence of infection in abattoir and meat workers was significantly increased as compared with that in subjects not involved in handling animals or animal products. Confirming the importance of adult-child transmission, seroconversion only occurred among children living with -positive mothers over the period of the study. The presence of in the gastric juice of up to 58% of patients infected with raises the possibility that refluxed gastric juice may represent a vehicle of transmission for the organism. The ability to detect -specific DNA from the oral cavity has varied significantly. Attempts to detect DNA in feces by PCR have resulted in variable outcomes. Given the association between and peptic ulcer disease, gastric cancer, and B-cell mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma, there is an urgent need for the development of intervention strategies to prevent the spread of the bacterium.

Citation: Mitchell H. 2001. Epidemiology of Infection, p 7-18. In Mobley H, Mendz G, Hazell S (ed), . ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555818005.ch2

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