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1. Novo, F. J.,, A. Kruszewski,, K. D. MacDermot,, G. Goldspink,, and D. C. Gorecki. 1995. Editing of human alpha-galactosidase RNA resulting in a pyrimidine to purine conversion. Nucleic Acids Res. 23:26362640.
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5. Volchkov, V. E.,, S. Becker,, V. A. Volchkova,, V. A. Ternovoj,, A. N. Kotov,, S. V. Netesov,, and H. D. Klenk. 1995. GP mRNA of Ebola virus is edited by the Ebola virus polymerase and by T7 and vaccinia virus polymerases. Virology 214:421430.

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