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Cheese and Microbes

Editor: Catherine W. Donnelly1
Affiliations: 1: Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences; 2: Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese, The University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont;
Content Type: Monograph
Publication Year: 2014

Category: Food Microbiology

Human evolution and history are inextricably connected to a world of microbes. Over thousands of years, a global landscape of food and drink has rested fundamentally on beneficial microorganisms and the process of fermentation.

In , editor Catherine W. Donnelly presents perspectives from internationally renowned experts on the essential role of these wonderful organisms in transforming milk into an extraordinary galaxy of cheeses. The chapters provide a scientific overview of the association of microbes with cheese through the lens of select cheese varieties that result due to surface mold ripening, internal mold ripening, rind washing, cave aging, and surface smear rind development.

  • Explains the transformation of milk to cheese and how sensory attributes of cheese are evaluated
  • Discusses the regulations governing cheesemaking, both in the United States and abroad, that ensure safety
  • Explores how the tools of molecular biology provide new insights into the microbial complexity of cheeses
  • Examines the biodiversity of traditional cheeses as a result of traditional practices
  • Presents research on the stability of the microbial consortia of select traditional cheese varieties
is for cheesemakers, scientists, students, and cheese enthusiasts who wish to expand their knowledge of cheeses and traditional foods.

. —Jeff Roberts, Owner/President, Cow Creek Creative Ventures; Adjunct Faculty, New England Culinary Institute; and Visiting Faculty, University of Gastronomic Sciences

is a professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Vermont. She served as the Associate Director of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese from 2004 to 2013. Recognized by colleagues for her many contributions to improving detection, Dr. Donnelly is widely regarded as an international expert and has published numerous articles and delivered hundreds of presentations on this bacterial pathogen. Her current scholarly interests include investigation of the microbiological safety of aged raw milk cheeses.

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