Acidic Amino Acids


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  • General Characteristics of Cold-Adapted Microorganisms
  • Genomic and Expression Analyses of Cold-Adapted Microorganisms
  • Heterotypic Communities: Formation, Gene Regulation, and Development
  • Biosynthesis of Riboflavin
  • Nucleotides, Nucleosides, and Nucleobases
  • NADH as Donor
  • An Interplay between Metabolic and Physicochemical Constraints: Lessons from the Psychrophilic Prokaryote Genomes
  • Type 1 Fimbriae, Curli, and Antigen 43: Adhesion, Colonization, and Biofilm Formation
  • Nonhomologous Recombination
  • Chemical Mechanisms for Mobilizing DNA
  • Nuclear Import of Ribosomal Proteins: Evidence for a Novel Type of Nuclear Localization Signal
  • Signal Transduction in the Arc System for Control of Operons Encoding Aerobic Respiratory Enzymes
  • Control of Nitrogen Assimilation by the NR-NR Two-Component System of Enteric Bacteria
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