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  • Microbe Mentor:A Career Option in Government: Principal Investigator and Regulatory Affairs at the FDA
  • Reviews and Resources:Houston, We Have a Narrative: Why Science Needs Story
  • Repurposing Drugs, and Fresh Outcomes from Other Familiar Sources
  • Microbe Mentor:Dear Microbiologist…
  • Outbreak Spurred Several Approaches to Developing Ebola Therapeutic Products
  • The Tuskegee Experiment: An Introduction in Ethics for Pre-Healthcare Professional Students
  • Science and Money: Problems and Solutions
  • Beyond Responsible Conduct: Taking Responsibility for the Responsible Conduct of Others
  • Creating a Three-Parent Child: An Educational Paradigm for the Responsible Conduct of Research
  • The Current State of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Process and Regulations for Diagnostic Laboratory Assays
  • The Clinical Trial Laboratory: Research Compliance for Clinical Research Microbiologists
  • Clinical and Evidence-Based Research in the Clinical Laboratory
  • The Future Practice of Laboratory Medicine
  • The Changing Practice of Medicine
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Context Matters: Volunteer Bias, Small Sample Size, and the Value of Comparison Groups in the Assessment of Research-Based Undergraduate Introductory Biology Lab Courses
  • About the Authors
  • Educating Medical Laboratory Technologists: Revisiting Our Assumptions in the Current Economic and Health-Care Environment
  • Ethical and Practical Similarities Between Pedagogical and Clinical Research
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