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12 results

  • Styrofoam-and-Velcro: An Alternative to Ball-and-Stick Models
  • The Development and Implementation of an Instrument to Assess Students’ Data Analysis Skills in Molecular Biology
  • Experiential Posters: Theatrical and Improvisational Tools Aid in Science Museum Outreach
  • A Modified Challenge-Based Learning Approach in a Capstone Course to Improve Student Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Active Learning for Basic Metabolic Pathways
  • A Modern Twist on the Beaumont and St. Martin Case: Encouraging Analysis and Discussion in the Bioethics Classroom with Reflective Writing and Concept Mapping
  • Topics in Bioethics: A Development of Student Perspectives
  • The CREATE Method Does Not Result in Greater Gains in Critical Thinking than a More Traditional Method of Analyzing the Primary Literature
  • Blast a Biofilm: A Hands-On Activity for School Children and Members of the Public
  • Laboratory Activity to Effectively Teach Introductory Geomicrobiology Concepts to Non-Geology Majors
  • Presenting Fake Figures: A Tool to Teach Effective Scientific Figure Design
  • Context Matters: Volunteer Bias, Small Sample Size, and the Value of Comparison Groups in the Assessment of Research-Based Undergraduate Introductory Biology Lab Courses
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