Hot Topics In Microbiology Education

Disciplinary Based Education Research (DBER) Design and Implementation

The ASM has trained over 300 faculty, through the ASM/NSF Biology Scholars Program, in the development and testing of interventions and strategies designed to increase student learning. The principles of this training are now being offered online through the Hot Topics in Microbiology Education Course. Participants will learn how to design classroom or laboratory education research and pose significant student learning questions that can be investigated empirically. Guided by the National Science Foundations’ Common Guidelines for Education and Research Development, course facilitators will lay the groundwork for good research design and address the current body of knowledge in the field. Participants should come to the course with a hypothesis or student learning issue they hope to address with their research design. The course syllabus includes a focus on building discipline-based education research skills, pre- and post-webinar assignments, in-depth training, and a faculty mentoring community dedicated to supporting leaders interested in advancing education reform.

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  • Disciplinary Based Education Research (DBER) Design and Implementation
  • Building Research Programs at Predominately Undergraduate Institutions
    BRP Online Course

  • ASM M(icro)OOCs: Improving Microbiology Students’ Quantitative Skills
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