Intermediate Course: Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: Applications and Challenges

This course provides in-depth discussions of current trends and challenges associated with molecular diagnostic methods as they are used and encountered in the clinical microbiology laboratory. Specifically, the course will address issues related to laboratory design/workflow for molecular testing, quality control/assurance programs and proficiency testing, verification and implementation of multiplex tests, quantitative assays and standards, mass spectrometry, and cost analysis. The course will end by highlighting the many technological advances occurring in the field and their potential applications in clinical microbiology.

This course is available as both a live webinar on the presentation date listed for the course. To participate in the webinar you must be in the United States or Canada. This course is also available as a webcast which can be viewed on demand once the live webinar has occurred.

Accreditation Information: This course is also available for continuing education, see the courses description for more information.

Beginner Course: Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: A Practical Course for Practitioners

This course is no longer available.

This course is for beginners in the field of molecular testing and is intended to provide an introduction to molecular biology and an explanation of molecular diagnostic methods as they are used and encountered in the clinical microbiology laboratory. Participants will learn the basic nucleic acid chemistries and molecular amplification technologies and will gain knowledge of different topics related to molecular diagnostic testing.

Presentation Date:

  • 2014 [11] http://pub2web.metastore.ingenta.com/ns/yearOfPublication 2014


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  • Cost Analysis and Justification
  • MALDI-TOF: Additional Applications
  • MALDI-TOF: Routine Bacterial Identification
  • Quantitative Assays and Standards
  • Direct Identification from Blood Cultures
  • Multiplex Gastrointestinal Pathogen Tests
  • Multiplex Respiratory Viral Tests
  • Verification and Implementation of Multiplex Tests
  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Proficiency Testing
  • Molecular Laboratory Design and Workflow
  • 2014 Webinar/Webcast Bundle
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