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  • image of Letters to the Editor
    Letters to the Editor
  • image of Chemical Communication among Bacteria
    Chemical Communication among Bacteria
  • image of In the Company of Microbes: 10 Years of Small Things Considered
    Chapter 1 : Of Ancient Curses, Microbes, and the ASM
  • image of Chemical Communication Among Bacteria
    Chapter 20 : Signal Integration in the Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio cholerae Quorum-Sensing Circuits
  • image of Two-Component Signal Transduction
    Chapter 28 : Intercellular Communication in Marine Vibrio Species: Density-Dependent Regulation of the Expression of Bioluminescence
  • image of Volume 7, Issue 4
    Microbiology and the Bioeconomy Blueprint : ASM is certain that microbiology will be central to the bioeconomy outlined in the OSTP National Bioeconomy Blueprint
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