Submit a Book Proposal: Authored or Edited

Submit a Book Proposal: Authored or Edited

ASM Press, the book publishing division of the American Society for Microbiology, is the premier publisher of microbiology titles. ASM Press publishes authored textbooks, edited reference manuals, and authored or edited scholarly monographs. If you are interested in writing or editing a book for ASM Press, submit a proposal that addresses the following essential considerations.

Essential Considerations

Rationale. How does your proposed book benefit the microbiology community? How does it differ from books currently available?

Market. What specific audiences will use your book? Potential audiences are research scientists in your field, research scientists in allied fields, physicians and clinical microbiologists, university and college instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate students. At what level will your book be written: for undergraduates, graduate students, medical students, or researcher scientists? How large are your book’s audiences?

Competition. What books will compete for readers with your title? Please identify the author, title, publisher, and date of publication of potentially competing books.

Unique features. What features of your proposed book will distinguish it from other related books? Consider how you plan to present the content, timeliness, accuracy, contributors, accessibility, pedagogy, etc.

Contents. Provide a complete table of contents or detailed outline for the proposed work. Sample chapters are appreciated.

Contributors. For an edited volume, list proposed chapter contributors and indicate any who have confirmed their commitment to participate.

Manuscript. Estimate the number of double-spaced manuscript pages and the number and kind of illustrations, animations, or videos in your book. Please indicate any other special aspects.

Schedule. Give your best and most realistic estimate of when you can provide a first draft of your manuscript.

Reviewers. Suggest any reviewers who would be particularly appropriate to review your proposal.

Current CV. Include your current curriculum vitae as well as a CV for any coauthors or coeditors.

Submit your book proposal by email to Lindsay Williams, Editorial and Rights Coordinator: [email protected]

What happens next? Your book proposal will be reviewed by the ASM Press editorial staff and prepared for review by the ASM Press Committee. This process can take as long as six weeks. Contact ASM Press to determine the status of your book proposal.

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