EcoSal Plus Facts and FAQs

EcoSal Plus Facts and FAQs

Fast Facts

EcoSal Plus is a review journal that serves the needs of the research community as a comprehensive, updated archive of the entire corpus of knowledge about E. coli, Salmonella, and other Enterobacteriaceae and their use as model microbes for biological explorations.
EcoSal Plus presents continuously published, thoughtful reviews that provide the integrated background needed for most microbiology investigations. EcoSal Plus is essential reading for research scientists.
EcoSal Plus contains eleven domains that investigate cell architecture and growth, metabolic fluxes and metabolite pools, synthesis and processing of macromolecules, responses to the environment, evolution and genomics, tools for exploration, pathogenesis of infections, life in communities, bioinformatics and systems biology, and antibiotic mechanisms and resistance.
EcoSal Plus extends the legacy of the classic reference Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology and the online EcoSal.org resource.
EcoSal Plus has a distinguished editorial board, led by Editor in Chief Susan T. Lovett, that guides content and review.
EcoSal Plus is available by annual subscription to individuals. Contact ASM Press at [email protected].
EcoSal Plus is available to institutions as an annual site license and offers free trials to institutions. EcoSal Plus is included in the ASM All-Inclusive Online Journals Package. Contact Institutional Sales Representative Rachel Peckover at [email protected].

What is EcoSal Plus?

EcoSal Plus is an online-only review journal that publishes an ever-growing body of expert reviews covering virtually all aspects of E. coli, Salmonella, and other members of the Enterobacteriaceae family and their use as model microbes for biological explorations. These thoughtful reviews provide the integrated background needed for most microbiology investigations and are essential reading for research scientists.

EcoSal Plus is divided into eleven domains.
Domain 1: Historical Perspectives (6 articles)
Domain 2: Cell Architecture and Growth (8 articles)
Domain 3: Metabolism (55 articles)
Domain 4: Synthesis and Processing of Macromolecules (40 articles)
Domain 5: Responding to the Environment (8 articles)
Domain 6: Evolution and Genomics (5 articles)
Domain 7: Genetics and Genetic Tools (5 articles)
Domain 8: Pathogenesis (35 articles)
Domain 9: Life in Communities and the Environment (4 articles)
Domain 10: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (3 articles)
Domain 11: Antibiotic Mechanisms and Resistance NEW (3 articles)

What is the history of EcoSal Plus?

Two print editions of Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology, which compiled knowledge of these organisms and served as an essential reference to researchers, were published by ASM Press. The second edition, published in 1996, contained two volumes and nearly 3,000 pages, having grown considerably since the first edition. To allow for continued growth, the book was succeeded by an online-only reference called EcoSal.org that was available by annual subscription but had neither ISBN nor ISSN. In 2013, EcoSal Plus was established as a journal and began publishing these reviews.

Does EcoSal Plus accept uninvited submissions?

Yes. In addition to soliciting papers, the Editorial Board considers submitted manuscripts that significantly add to our knowledge of E. coli and its enteric cousins. The focus of EcoSal Plus is scholarly review topics, rather than primary data.

Is EcoSal Plus open access?

EcoSal Plus is a subscription journal. Authors can pay a fee to allow open access to their article. Unless otherwise stated, open access articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Noderivatives 4.0 International CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. EcoSal Plus follows deposition requirements for review articles supported by U.S. Government granting agencies.

How is EcoSal Plus sold?

Twelve-month subscriptions to EcoSal Plus are available to institutions (as site licenses) and to individuals. Chapters are also offered as pay per view.
• To begin an individual subscription, contact ASM Press at [email protected].
ASM member: $172
Nonmember: $199 

EcoSal Plus is included in the ASM All-Inclusive Online Journals Package. To begin an institutional subscription, contact Institutional Sales Representative Rachel Peckover at [email protected] or 1-617-395-4069. Ask your institution to start a free trial today!

Pricing is based on number of Life Science users:
Tier A, 1–200 LS: $999
Tier B, 201–1,500 LS: $1,299
Tier C, 1501–3,500 LS: $1,599
>3,500 LS: Email ASM Press for a custom quote: [email protected]

How is EcoSal Plus preserved?

All EcoSal Plus content is preserved by agreement in CLOCKSS, a US-based non-profit whose mission is to provide for the long-term digital archiving of academic publications. Partnership with CLOCKSS ensures that in the event of server failure and data loss, EcoSal Plus content will remain globally available to the scientific community. The permanent backup of digital archives is particularly useful for libraries seeking to preserve their electronic collections.

More questions? Contact ASM Press at [email protected].

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