JMBE Advertising

JMBE Advertising

Looking for a way to reach undergraduate science educators? 

Once a year, ASM prints a JMBE Spotlight issue for distribution to all attendees of the ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE; www.asmcue.org).  The Spotlight issue is a compilation of articles from each JMBE section, hand-picked by JMBE Editors from the previous year’s volume, as well as the accepted abstracts for that year's ASMCUE meeting.  Additional copies of the Spotlight issue are printed for distribution at scientific meetings at which ASM is represented.


More than 350 microbiology and biology educators attend the annual ASMCUE. The diverse audience includes a variety of institutions; educators who have just began their careers and educators who have been teaching for years, and a number of different primary student audiences being taught. 

  • >  Each year, approximately 40-50% of ASMCUE attendees are first-timers.
  • >  The institutions represented are usually 1/3 undergraduate, 1/3 community college and 1/3 doctoral-granting.
  • >  Attendees are not only teaching microbiology. Nearly 45% are responsible for the introductory biology course and may be teaching anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biotechnology, cancer biology, cell and molecular biology, ecology, immunology, virology, zoology and more!

Reserve ad space in the Spotlight issue

Visit the ASMCUE Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for pricing and ad specifications. You can also learn more about the conference and additional advertising opportunities. Please direct all questions to Ronica Rodela, Exhibit and Sponsorship Specialist, at [email protected]. JMBE looks forward to promoting YOUR education-based product to committed readers and conference attendees!

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