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A unique feature of the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) editorial process is to provide extensive feedback, guidance, and support for authors from submission through publication. With that in mind, Editors have created several resources to help authors through the submission and review process. Take a look at the list of author resources below. To explore these resources in detail or to submit a manuscript, you must visit the JMBE submission site: jmbesubmissions.asm.org.

  • JMBE Biosafety Review  Rubric: created to help authors include important safety information in their manuscript, thus mitigating the risk to adopters and novice educators. This rubric is used by the Laboratory Safety Review Committee.
  • An Author’s Guide to Institutional Review Board (IRB): created to help authors understand the IRB's role, when to get IRB approval, the IRB application and review process, and FAQs.
  • JMBE Author Guidelines Available in Chinese and Spanish: translations to help international authors navigate the finer details of the submission process.
  • Detailed step-by-step Author Guidelines: available for each core journal section that includes the rubrics used by reviewers when evaluating your manuscript.
  • "JMBE How-To Series": 10-15 minute video tutorials on the overall manuscript submission process as well as specific tutorials recorded by each core JMBE section editor describing precisely what they are looking for in a submission and best practices for authors.
  • An online Self-Diagnosis Tool: used by authors to determine if a manuscript is ready for submission. Structured similarly to popular online quizzes, this tool helps authors understand the scope and level of assessment required by each core section.
  • Guidelines for Manuscript Titles: helps authors increase their "discoverability" online, thus leading to a wider audience and increased citations.
  • JMBE Profiles Series: highlighting the volunteers that comprise the JMBE Editorial Board, the authors who contribute their work, and the education innovations that bring them together.

Need more? Visit the ASM-sponsored Publishing & Presenting webinars to hear a personal journey to publishing, get an in-depth look at Curriculum articles, and learn about abstract writing.

In addition to these valuable author tools, Editors are always open to previewing an abstract or manuscript idea to offer advice on which section of the journal is the best fit. All inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

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