Themed Issues

As of 2014, JMBE publishes themed issues focused around a broad, interdisciplinary topic that is of current interest to the national and international science community. Experts in the chosen topic are invited to become Guest Editors for the themed issue and work alongside JMBE's Themed Issue Editor to identify and solicit manuscripts from key players in the topic's community. Open-call submissions are also welcome from the JMBE readership. Themed manuscripts are vetted using a special rubric crafted for that theme and are published online in the spring of each year. Click the titles below to view all of JMBE's themed issues to date.

     Inclusive Science - Spring 2020; themed subsection within Vol 21, Iss 1 (2020)

    International Science EducationThemed subsection within Vol 20, Iss 1 (2019)

   Science Communication - Themed subsection within Vol 19, Iss 1 (2018)

   Scientific Citizenship - Vol 17, Iss 1 (2016)

   Scientific Ethics - Themed subsection within Vol 15, Iss 2 (2014)

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