A Problems Approach to Introductory Biology

Authors: Brian White1, Michelle Mischke2
Affiliations: 1: University of Massachusetts, Boston; 2: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Content Type: Textbook
Format: CD
Publication Year: 2006

Category: Best-Selling Textbook

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is an excellent teaching supplement for introductory biology courses. The book introduces a set of problems that guide students through the fundamental steps necessary to develop critical thinking and problems-solving skills. Exercises are designed to measure student learning and help individual students focus their efforts on those areas that need improvement.

Both computer-based and "pen-and-paper-based" exercises present problems at various levels of difficulty. Each of the first three chapters provides problems that focus on one of three main topic areas: genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. The final chapter offers practice problems that combine two or more subject areas that illustrate connections and broaden student understanding of the material. Collectively, the problems teach students the process of synthesizing information and applying knowledge to scientific questions.

An important feature of is the detailed solutions provided on the accompanying CD-ROM. The solutions serve to guide students through each problem listed in the workbook, from beginning to end, highlighting common misunderstandings, reinforcing the concepts covered, and assisting each student in the development of a logical approach to problem solving.

  • Presents practice problems for the most challenging topic areas in introductory biology
  • Offers both computer-based and "pen-and-paper-based" exercises
  • Provides detailed solutions to all problems on the accompanying CD-ROM
  • Features problems that increase in level of difficulty within each chapter

: The software on the CD-ROM that came with your book will not run on Windows with the latest Java (1.6). In order to get the CD-ROM running properly on your computer, download the software and solution files found on the Problems Approach to Introductory Biology website: http://intro.bio.umb.edu/MOOC/APAIB/.

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