The Invisible ABCs: Exploring the World of Microbes

Author: Rodney P. Anderson1
Affiliations: 1: Ohio Northern University
Content Type: Trade
Format: Hardcover
Publication Year: 2006

Category: General Interest

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will delight readers of all ages with its colorful presentation and spectacular selection of illustrations. Intended for school-age children and younger, this unique new book will stimulate parents, teachers, librarians, and even older students to discover the fascinating world of microorganisms.

We are immersed in microbes. They live in our bodies, in our food, and in everything that surrounds us; we cannot live without them. Dr. Anderson, a microbiologist and professor, has collected photos of microorganisms shaped like letters of the alphabet to illustrate the significant role microbes play in our daily lives. presents answers to questions that we all have an interest in, such as "Why can cows use grass for food but humans can't?" and "Why do we get gas after we eat beans?"

This intriguing book contains a glossary of important terms, as well as endpapers illustrating the relative size of organisms from viruses to whales. Age-appropriate vocabulary and examples are used to communicate important scientific principles and concepts throughout the vibrant pages of . A companion website provides deeper understanding for those who seek to learn more about microorganisms.

  • Features over 250 superb illustrations including algae, molds, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses
  • Emphasizes the beneficial role of microorganisms everywhere in the natural world, from oceans to the child's own body
  • Comunicates the usefulness of microorganisms by relating them to children's everyday experiences, from eating yogurt to taking medicine
  • Presents scientifically accurate information in an age-appropriate format that is both colorful and captivating

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