Chapter 7 : Clinical Significance of and Related Species Other Than and

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Clinical Significance of and Related Species Other Than and , Page 1 of 2

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This chapter describes the microbiology, epidemiology, and clinical features of infection with species other than subsp. and that are associated with human disease. The major habitat of is the intestine, and it is commonly isolated from healthy sheep and cattle. infections are often prolonged and result in relapse, but most patients will recover with appropriate antibiotic treatment and medical procedures. is a recognized human pathogen in both healthy and immunocompromised patients. was identified and suggested as a possible cause of proliferative enteritis in pigs. Six species have an essential growth requirement for hydrogen or formate. A membrane-bound hemolytic phospholipase was detected and characterized in clinical strains of isolated from Australian children with gastroenteritis. The presence of this potential virulence factor suggests is an opportunistic pathogen. Two recent reviews summarize clinical presentation, pathogenicity, and other aspects of infection. The chapter also describes other and species. The clinical relevance of the newly recognized species has yet to be determined. PCR assays for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of the genera and individual species of , , and may make this task easier. Appreciation and application of an efficient protocol is essential for the isolation of non-jejuni, non-coli species for surveillance, epidemiological, and other studies.

Citation: Lastovica A, Allos B. 2008. Clinical Significance of and Related Species Other Than and , p 123-149. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch7
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Image of Figure 1.
Figure 1.

A 4-day-old pure growth of after filtration of a stool specimen onto an antibiotic-free blood-agar plate.

Citation: Lastovica A, Allos B. 2008. Clinical Significance of and Related Species Other Than and , p 123-149. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch7
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Image of Figure 2.
Figure 2.

Culture plate showing the spreading, noncolonial growth of (top) contrasted with the domed colonies of (bottom).

Citation: Lastovica A, Allos B. 2008. Clinical Significance of and Related Species Other Than and , p 123-149. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch7
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