Chapter 35 : Campylobacter in the Food Supply

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infections in humans are considered to be mainly food-borne, in which foods of animal origin play an important role. The majority of infections are sporadic (single) cases or small family outbreaks, and the actual source of these types of infection is rarely microbiologically identified. This chapter describes the detection and prevalence of in a wide range of different types of food. Food products, however, may harbor only low numbers of campylobacters, and bacterial cells may be seriously injured by processing procedures such as freezing, cooling, heating, and salting. Survival of on eggshells, however, is considered to be poor because of the sensitivity of the organism to drying. Unpasteurized milk is a well-documented cause of a number of outbreaks of campylobacteriosis. Sufficient heating of red meat products, which are relatively infrequently contaminated with low numbers of , will eliminate this risk of human infection. Several investigations on the detection of in different types of seafood have been carried out. The majority of studies on growth characteristics and survival were carried out during the early 1980s, and summarizing reviews can be found in articles by Doyle and Stern and Kazmi. Reduction of the potential risk of contaminated poultry products has to be achieved by the application of good hygienic practices by both the producers of poultry meat products and the consumers of these products.

Citation: Jacobs-Reitsma W, Lyhs U, Wagenaar J. 2008. Campylobacter in the Food Supply, p 627-644. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch35
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Generic image for table
Table 1.

Presence of thermotolerant at the poultry slaughterhouse level

Citation: Jacobs-Reitsma W, Lyhs U, Wagenaar J. 2008. Campylobacter in the Food Supply, p 627-644. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch35
Generic image for table
Table 2.

Presence of thermotolerant in poultry products at the retail level

Citation: Jacobs-Reitsma W, Lyhs U, Wagenaar J. 2008. Campylobacter in the Food Supply, p 627-644. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch35
Generic image for table
Table 3.

Presence of thermotolerant in raw milk

Citation: Jacobs-Reitsma W, Lyhs U, Wagenaar J. 2008. Campylobacter in the Food Supply, p 627-644. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch35
Generic image for table
Table 4.

Presence of thermotolerant in meat products, excluding poultry

Citation: Jacobs-Reitsma W, Lyhs U, Wagenaar J. 2008. Campylobacter in the Food Supply, p 627-644. In Nachamkin I, Szymanski C, Blaser M (ed), , Third Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555815554.ch35

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