Emerging Infections 7

Editors: W. Michael Scheld1, David C. Hooper2, James M. Hughes3
Affiliations: 1: Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health University of Virginia Health System Charlottesville, Virginia; 2: Division of Infectious Diseases Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts; 3: Division of Infectious Diseases Department of Medicine Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta, Georgia
Content Type: Monograph
Format: Electronic
Publication Year: 2007

Category: Clinical Microbiology

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This new volume is the seventh in a series of books based on ICAAC Symposia on Emerging Infections. It offers an updated review of new and emerging infectious diseases, including Avian Influenza (H5N1), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), West Nile fever, and many others. The editors are experts in their respective fields of research and are active in the scientific and clinical communities that deal with emerging pathogens. The series is a valuable resource for a wide range of people working in microbiology, Infectious diseases, epidemiology, public health, and clinical medicine.

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18 August 2013

At A Glance

Emerging Infections 7 is the seventh of an annual series of books based on ICAAC Symposia on Emerging Infections. It provides a complete and updated discussion of new and emerging infectious diseases, covering both basic science and clinical topics. The editors are in the forefront of the scientific and clinical communities dealing with emerging pathogens. This book and the series will be valuable to a wide range of people working in microbiology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, public health, and clinical medicine.


This is the seventh in a series of books on emerging infections taken from symposia. The 18 chapters cover topics that range from the commonly discussed avian flu to the less discussed Chandipura encephalitis.


This book is intended to provide information to help practitioners learn from past experience to guide decisions in the future. In the author's words, it "should serve as a valuable source of information for those responsible for these and other microbial threats to global health, economies and security." The book meets these very worthy objectives.


The intended audience includes healthcare practitioners who deal with these agents, such as infectious disease physicians, infection control practitioners, and public health epidemiologists.


The book covers the topics in a very thorough manner, although there is no cohesive overall pattern of how a topic is approached. A wide range of topics are covered and each chapter includes information ranging form the pathophysiologic to the clinical to the epidemiologic; local to global; civilian to military. The detailed figures are mostly black and white and the footnotes can be excessive (435 in one chapter alone).


A very comprehensive and well thought out approach to 18 different emerging infection topic areas is provided. Since these topic areas were drawn from specific symposia at the annual Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting, it is difficult to get a cohesive message. Nonetheless, the information is complementary to the current literature on each of the topics, and is a worthy contribution to the literature.

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Reviewer: Peter Katona, MD (UCLA School of Medicine)

Review Date: Unknown

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