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Figure 1

Studies of ion channels in (A) A bacterial cell in the presence of the antibiotic cephalexin fails to septate and grows into a long filament (a “snake” up to 150 μm long). Treating the snake with EDTA and lysozyme transforms it into a giant spheroplast (5 to 10 μm in diameter) amenable to patch clamp experiments. (B) Activities of up to five mechanosensive channels of low conductance (∼1 nS) recorded from a patch of a giant spheroplast. Channels opened when suction was applied to the patch-clamp pipette (on) and closed when suction was released (off ). The zero-current level, when all channels are closed, and unitary current levels of channels 1 to 5 are indicated. Pipette voltage was +10 mV. Reprinted from with permission.

Citation: Kubalski A, Martinac B. 2005. INTRODUCTION, In Bacterial Ion Channels and Their Eukaryotic Homologs. ASM Press, Washington, DC.
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