Iron Transport in Bacteria

Authors: Jorge H. Crosa1, Alexandra R. Mey2, Shelley M. Payne3
Affiliations: 1: Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland; 2: University of Texas at Austin; 3: University of Texas at Austin
Content Type: Monograph
Format: Hardcover, Electronic
Publication Year: 2004

Category: Bacterial Pathogenesis; Clinical Microbiology

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, a survey of research conducted over the past 50 years, examines the advances in technology and the recent availability of sequences of microbial genomes that have led to an explosion of knowledge in the field of iron transport systems. Analysis of genomes has identified new systems, and new models for transport have been suggested by crystallography and structural determinations of the membrane transport proteins. Providing an overview of up-to-date information available on iron and microbial virulence, offers insight into development and future directions that will fascinate graduate and advanced undergraduate students and equip instructors in pathogenesis and infectious diseases.

The book comprises five concise sections; the first discusses the structures, chemical properties, and biosynthesis of the microbial products, such as siderophores and hemophores used by these organisms to acquire iron. The second section explores the transport of these compounds into gram-negative bacteria. The remaining sections cover iron transport in the prototype, K-12; iron transport systems in selected pathogenic microorganisms; and iron transport in ecology.

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