The Second Messenger Cyclic Di-GMP

Editors: Alan J. Wolfe1, Karen L. Visick2
Affiliations: 1: Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois; 2: Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
Content Type: Monograph
Format: Electronic, Hardcover
Publication Year: 2010

Category: Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology

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In recent years, researchers have discovered a new type of signaling mechanism based on cyclic di-GMP (c-di-GMP). This newly recognized second messenger is strongly associated with the transition between the motile and sessile states of many bacteria as well as the formation and dispersion of biofilms in many bacteria. The near universality of this second messenger in bacteria combined with the biomedical relevance and commercial importance of biofilms has generated much interest in c-di-GMP signaling research.

This book examines c-di-GMP signaling from a variety of angles, beginning with an introductory chapter that compares c-di-GMP to the better-known second messenger cAMP. Next, the book recounts the discovery of c-di-GMP, explains the important role of bioinformatics in the development and continued evolution of the field, and then describes the fundamental structure, function, regulation, and integration of c-di-GMP pathways. Further chapters explore the role of c-di-GMP in such diverse processes as flagellar biogenesis and motility, extracellular polysaccharide biosynthesis, biofilm development, virulence, and innate host immunity. The book ends with an expert forecast of the future of c-di-GMP signaling research and its applications.

Each chapter has been written and reviewed by leading pioneers in this rapidly evolving field. As the first book dedicated to c-di-GMP, it serves as a comprehensive reference on the state of the science for both experienced researchers and for those who are interested in discovering its many promising applications.

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