Chapter 25 : Vector-Mediated Antibody Expression

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The holy grail of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) vaccine development is an immunogen that elicits antibodies that neutralize field strains of the virus. In recent years, we have gained tremendous insights into the structure and function of the HIV envelope glycoprotein, but limited progress has been made in designing such immunogens. These sobering observations underscore the tremendous hurdles that must be overcome to develop an effective HIV vaccine ( ). Foremost among these hurdles is the inability to induce antibodies that neutralize a wide array of HIV field isolates. Such antibodies are rare, and, until recently, only a handful of these antibodies had been isolated ( ). Over the past few years, a much larger number of HIV antibodies have been identified that have a much broader range of neutralization and are orders of magnitude more potent than the previously identified group ( ). These antibodies were isolated from the high-throughput screening of sera from HIV-1-infected individuals and categorized as “elite neutralizers” based on their neutralization breadth and potency ( ). Extensive sequence analysis of these potent, broadly neutralizing antibodies revealed that high levels of somatic mutations were involved to generate the mature antibody ( ). Furthermore, the maturation may have involved repeated rounds of antibody selection through HIV antigen interaction, a process that may not be possible to duplicate from a traditional HIV protein subunit or viral vector vaccine.

Citation: Schnepp B, Johnson P. 2015. Vector-Mediated Antibody Expression, p 427-440. In Crowe J, Boraschi D, Rappuoli R (ed), Antibodies for Infectious Diseases. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.AID-0016-2014
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Figure 1

Immunoprophylaxis by antibody gene transfer. Passive immunization involves intravenous delivery of purified antibodies to engender the host with short-lived immunity in serum and mucosa. In contrast, vector-mediated antibody gene transfer uses a viral vector to deliver the antibody to the host via intramuscular injection. The antibody is produced endogenously in the muscle and secreted into the circulatory system and mucosa providing long-term protection from infection. (Reprinted from reference [Schnepp BC, Johnson PR. 2014. Adeno-associated virus delivery of broadly neutralizing antibodies. 205–256] with permission.)

Citation: Schnepp B, Johnson P. 2015. Vector-Mediated Antibody Expression, p 427-440. In Crowe J, Boraschi D, Rappuoli R (ed), Antibodies for Infectious Diseases. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.AID-0016-2014
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Image of Figure 2
Figure 2

rAAV vectors for antibody gene transfer. The wild-type AAV (wtAAV) genome consists of the and genes flanked by inverted terminal repeats (ITRs). For rAAV vectors, the and genes are removed and replaced by an antibody expression cassette flanked by ITRs, which are necessary for rAAV vector genome replication and packaging. Immunoadhesins contain the antibody variable domains (VL, variable light; VH, variable heavy) usually joined by a flexible protein linker. The variable domains are connected to the hinge and constant heavy-chain domains (CH2 and CH3). The immunoadhesins can form dimers through disulfide bonding in the hinge region. Full antibodies can be expressed by using either a dual promoter or single-promoter system. For dual promoter expression, the antibody heavy and light chains are each expressed separately from their own promoter. For the single promoter system, the heavy and light chains are expressed as a single polypeptide separated by the foot-and-mouth-disease virus 2A peptide (FMDV-2A). The FMDV-2A peptide can undergo self-cleavage to give rise to separate heavy and light chains.

Citation: Schnepp B, Johnson P. 2015. Vector-Mediated Antibody Expression, p 427-440. In Crowe J, Boraschi D, Rappuoli R (ed), Antibodies for Infectious Diseases. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.AID-0016-2014
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Vector-mediated antibody gene transfer studies

Citation: Schnepp B, Johnson P. 2015. Vector-Mediated Antibody Expression, p 427-440. In Crowe J, Boraschi D, Rappuoli R (ed), Antibodies for Infectious Diseases. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.AID-0016-2014

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