Chapter 3 : The Immunity Alphabet

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The goal of developing a vaccine targeted at the blood stage of the malaria parasite is to mimic that same condition in infants and young children so that they too may enjoy lifelong immunity with natural boosting by exposure to the blood-sucking, parasite-carrying Anopheles. To “read” the immune system, it would be essential to know its “alphabet”—the building blocks of comprehension. Over the past century, much has been learned about the alphabet of immunity; through investigation, reading, and comprehension, it has provided grist for the mills of vaccine producers (vaccinologists) who are searching for protection against a wide variety of potential assassins, including malaria parasites. This chapter discusses the immunity alphabet such as A for antibody, G for globulin, I for the immune system, N for natural immunity, B for B lymphocytes, and C for cell-mediated immunity. It is hoped that the more we know about the immune responses to a natural malaria infection, as well as the more we understand about the character of the immune systems themselves, the better able we will be to develop a protective malaria vaccine.

Citation: Sherman I. 2009. The Immunity Alphabet, p 49-75. In The Elusive Malaria Vaccine. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555817428.ch3
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