Chapter 4.14 : as a Pathogen Involved in Antimicrobial Agent-Associated Diarrhea, Colitis, and Pseudomembranous Colitis

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as a Pathogen Involved in Antimicrobial Agent-Associated Diarrhea, Colitis, and Pseudomembranous Colitis, Page 1 of 2

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is the major cause of nosocomial diarrhea and the primary pathogen responsible for pseudomembranous colitis. In the United States, there are >300,000 cases per year of antimicrobial agent-associated diarrhea, colitis, or pseudomembranous colitis caused by this organism and its toxins. In a recent review article, one hospital reported that medical expenditures associated with associated disease were almost $1,000,000 per year ( ). can also be a rare cause of abscesses, wound infections, osteomyelitis, pleuritis, peritonitis, septicemia, and urogenital tract infections.

Citation: Garcia L. 2010. as a Pathogen Involved in Antimicrobial Agent-Associated Diarrhea, Colitis, and Pseudomembranous Colitis, p 794-795. In Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook, 3rd Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555817435.ch4.14
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