Chatper 16 : Animals and Goods

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Bioinvasion is the establishment of displaced organisms in an ecosystem. Industries, trade, transport, and travel contribute to bioinvasion. By displacing autochthonous organisms, introduced organisms contribute to loss of species. Anthroponotic agents are dispersed by traveling humans, and zoonotic agents are dispersed by moving or transported vertebrates or invertebrates. Quarantine of farms reduced the spread by animals and detered people from visiting affected farms. In 1993, cases in animals along the Nile suggested introduction from the Sudan to Egypt, resulting in an epizootic in 1993. In 2002, prairie dogs () cross-infected with at a pet trade shop in Texas, were shipped from the United States to Czechia, where 1 of 100 animals grew the same, holoarctic (B) strain as animals from Texas. Roaming infective wildlife is a source of in domestic animals, e.g., deer in the United States, and deer, boar, and badger in Europe. Transportation of latently infected or sick animals can carry to melioidosis-free areas. Bright microorganisms, arthropods, and other invertebrates can be dispersed passively, by storm, truck, train, ship (bilge water, containers, and tires), and aircraft (cabin and cargo). Modes of dispersal include wind, local traffic, baggage, ships, and aircraft. Living mosquitoes, flies, fleas (), and cockroaches have been recovered from aboard ships. In 1993, at Dalian Airport, Liaoning province, northeastern China, 20% of arriving aircraft were infested with mosquitoes and/or flies.

Citation: Stürchler D. 2006. Animals and Goods, p 427-436. In Exposure. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555817510.ch16
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