Cellular Microbiology, Second Edition

Editors: Pascale Cossart1, Patrice Boquet2, Staffan Normark3, Rino Rappuoli4
Affiliations: 1: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; 2: INSERM, Nice, France; 3: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden; 4: Chiron Vaccines, Siena, Italy
Content Type: Textbook
Publication Year: 2004
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The term “cellular microbiology” was coined in 1996 to identify an emerging discipline integrating the fields of cell biology and microbiology. The advent of genomics, proteomics, and postgenomics has resulted in more widespread understanding of the field of cellular microbiology among scientists. , considers genomic information and advances in technology in an updated examination of this burgeoning area of important research.

The second edition of this successful textbook offers five new chapters that comprehensively cover bacterial human pathogen genomes; structure and dynamics of the host cell membrane; study of prokaryotic biology using genome-wide approaches; cell biology of virus infection; and use of simple nonvertebrate hosts to model mammalian pathogenesis. All chapters are revised and organized like the first edition to provide fundamental details of each discipline along with the cellular microbiology aspects.

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