Bacterial Adhesion to Animal Cells and Tissues

Authors: Itzhak Ofek, David L. Hasty, Ron J. Doyle
Content Type: Monograph
Publication Year: 2003

Category: Bacterial Pathogenesis

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The adhesion of bacteria to host cells is a critical event in the development of bacterial infections. Knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of this process is key to understanding an essential step in pathogenesis and to identifying potential targets for antimicrobial therapy.

This authoritative volume covers historical perspectives, general principles, methodologies, specific host cell and bacterial components associated with the process, including post-adhesion consequences, regulation of adhesion expression, and anti-adhesion therapy. The final chapter compiles, primarily in tabular format, a list of all the pathogenic bacterial species that were tested over the past ten years for their ability to adhere, the test substrata that were used, as well as the adhesions involved in the cases where they are known.

is an essential reference for students and investigators interested in host-pathogen interactions.

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