Borna Disease Virus and Its Role in Neurobehavioral Diseases

Editor: Kathryn M. Carbone
Content Type: Monograph
Publication Year: 2002

Category: Viruses and Viral Pathogenesis

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Borna disease virus is a unique virus pathogen that targets the nervous system, causing diseases ranging from fatal encephalitis to behavioral disease with little physiological morbidity. This new book summarizes and analyzes the available scientific data on this intriguing virus, including controversial or conflicting data, complete with critiques and discussions of data validity.

The authors provide an encyclopedic compilation of all recent and important discoveries in BDV, including chapters on BDV history, molecular virology, laboratory diagnosis of infection, epidemiology and natural infection, experimental infection and pathogenesis of neurobehavioral disease, and human infections with BDV. The volume also demonstrates the value of studying models of neurodevelopmental damage due to BDV as a model of autism spectrum disorders.

Readers will gain a rapid understanding of the recent advances in BDV and a critical understanding of the unanswered questions. is valuable reading for virologists, medical microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and veterinarians.

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