The Other End of the Microscope: The Bacteria Tell Their Own Story

Author: Elmer W. Koneman1
Affiliations: 1: University of Colorado, School of Medicine
Content Type: Trade
Format: Paperback, Electronic
Publication Year: 2002

Category: General Interest

MyBook is a cheap paperback edition of the original book and will be sold at uniform, low price.

This entertaining new book offers a unique and fascinating look at the relationship between bacteria and humans. Told from the bacteria's perspective, the microbes use allegories and myths to illustrate their discontent with the ways in which humans have treated them, most notably the derogatory manner in which they often are named.

provides readers with clever sketches of a variety of microbes. Their internal structure, niches and habitats, physiology, modes of survival, association with human diseases, and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance are covered - all from the bacteria's points of view. Readers will be delighted by the antics of these bacteria and will gain new insights into the activities of this hidden world, where microbes can protect themselves against virtually any natural or human-invented adversity.

The fantasy culminates in a gathering at which the bacteria have a contest to rename Homo sapiens, in an attempt to sensitize humans to be more prudent in the naming of future species of bacteria, accentuating their positive, rather than negative, qualities.

In turning the tables Dr. Koneman offers a unique way to see the world from a different perspective. Scientists, students and teachers, and the science-interested lay public will all be captivated, entertained, and educated by this extraordinary tale.

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