Editors: Reinhard Marre1, Yousef Abu Kwaik2, Christopher Bartlett3, Nicholas P. Cianciotto4, Barry S. Fields5, Matthias Frosch6, Jörg Hacker7, Paul Christian Lück8
Affiliations: 1: Department of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany; 2: Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky; 3: Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, University College London, London, United Kingdom; 4: Department of Microbiology-Immunology, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois; 5: Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia; 6: Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology, Julius-Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany; 7: Institut für Molekulare Infektionsbiologie, Julius-Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany; 8: Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene, Dresden, Germany
Content Type: Monograph
Publication Year: 2002

Category: Bacterial Pathogenesis

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This new volume offers a comprehensive overview on recent findings and current opinions on research, covering all aspects of pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and surveillance of Legionnaires' disease.

A major focus of the book is the molecular elucidation of bacterial properties which enable to thrive in the aquatic environment and to infect the human host. It offers a detailed description and analysis of bacterial factors that contribute to environmental fitness and pathogenesis and presents new evidence to implicate various environmental sources of legionellosis.

Originally presented at the 5th International Conference on , these contributions reflect the current state of the science as well as future perspectives.

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