Chapter 14 : Functional Aspects of the Three Modified Nucleotides in Yeast Mitochondrial Large-Subunit rRNA

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Functional Aspects of the Three Modified Nucleotides in Yeast Mitochondrial Large-Subunit rRNA, Page 1 of 2

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This chapter focuses on the possible functional significance of the three highly conserved modified nucleotides in the otherwise minimally modified yeast mitochondrial large-subunit rRNA (LSU rRNA). The three modified nucleotides in yeast mitochondrial LSU rRNA, Gm2270, Um2791, and pseudouridine 2819, are equivalent to the Gm2251, Um2552, and pseudouridine 2580, respectively, in peptidyl transferase center (PTC) of LSU rRna. The PET56 nuclear gene encodes an rRNA ribose methyltransferase (Pet56p) required for the formation of 2’-O-methylguanosine at G2270 in yeast mitochondrial LSU rRNA (G2251 in numbering), and PET56 function is essential for the formation of functional mitochondrial ribosomes. While PET56 is normally essential for the formation of functional yeast mitochondrial ribosomes, a dominant extragenic mutation has been isolated (SRM1-1) that suppresses, albeit very weakly, pet56 loss-of-function mutations without restoring methylation at G2270 in yeast mitochondrial LSU rRNA. The presence of only three modified nucleotides at highly conserved positions in the PTC of yeast mitochondrial LSU rRNA has fueled speculation that these particular modification might have special functional significance. The recent progress in the identification of genes responsible for specific modifications in , yeast mitochondrial, and yeast cytoplasmic rRNAs will accelerate the genetic analysis of rRNA modification in these systems. It will be particularly informative to compare the in vivo effects of depleting pseudouridine 2580 in and yeast mitochondria and Gm2251 and Um2552 in all three ribosomal systems.

Citation: Mason T. 1998. Functional Aspects of the Three Modified Nucleotides in Yeast Mitochondrial Large-Subunit rRNA, p 273-280. In Grosjean H, Benne R (ed), Modification and Editing of RNA. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555818296.ch14
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Figure 1

The three modified nucleotides in yeast mitochondrial LSU rRNA are located at positions implicated in binding the 3′-terminal end of either Α-site- or P-site-bound tRNA. The secondary structure is that of domain V from mitochondrial LSU rRNA. The circled A, B, and C indicate the positions of variable sequences that are not shown. The locations of three modified nucleotides are indicated by arrows, and the sequences corresponding to the equivalent modifications in 23S rRNA are boxed. The closed arrowheads indicate sites that are protected from chemical modification by P-site-bound tRNA; the open arrowheads indicate protections by A-site-bound tRNA; positions where base substitutions cause strong dominant negative growth phenotypes are underlined. The region corresponding to the binding site for ribosomal protein L1 in 23S rRNA is enclosed by the dashed line. See the text for references.

Citation: Mason T. 1998. Functional Aspects of the Three Modified Nucleotides in Yeast Mitochondrial Large-Subunit rRNA, p 273-280. In Grosjean H, Benne R (ed), Modification and Editing of RNA. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555818296.ch14
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