Chapter 2.4.1 : Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis of Environmental Samples with Next-Generation Sequencing

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Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis of Environmental Samples with Next-Generation Sequencing, Page 1 of 2

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In this introduction, we briefly survey developments in next-generation sequencing that have been applied to environmental microbiology, consider both major advances and areas where progress has been slow, and highlight chapters in this and other sections of the MEM4 relevant to nucleic acid-based molecular analyses of microbial communities. Experts on various aspects of next-generation sequencing have contributed to this section, including chapters addressing the analysis of microbial communities through the study of (a) ribosomal RNA gene amplicons (Ionescu); (b) shotgun metagenomic sequence data (Lal and Sangwan); and (c) shotgun metatranscriptomic sequence data (Sarode et al.). In addition, this section includes a chapter reviewing functional metagenomics (Marchesi and Morris) and sequencing platforms for environmental microbiologists (Green).

Citation: Green S, Neufeld J. 2016. Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis of Environmental Samples with Next-Generation Sequencing, p 2.4.1-1-2.4.1-6. In Yates M, Nakatsu C, Miller R, Pillai S (ed), Manual of Environmental Microbiology, Fourth Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/9781555818821.ch2.4.1
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