Infections of Leisure, Fifth Edition

Editor: David Schlossberg1
Affiliations: 1: Temple University School of Medicine; 2: Tuberculosis Control Program, Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Philadelphia, PA
Content Type: Monograph
Format: Electronic
Publication Year: 2016

Category: Clinical Microbiology

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Leisure activities, from the mundane to the exotic, expose us to a growing list of pathogenic microbes, some new and many increasingly resistant to current therapies. Common pets, livestock, traveling, and cuisine all have the potential to cause illnesses that may be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Engagingly written by a team of infectious disease specialists and edited by David Schlossberg, features 19 chapters focused on the infection risks associated with particular types of activities, including camping, playing sports, interacting with animals, receiving body modifications, and mountain climbing. This new edition includes vibrant, full-color images, recommended readings chosen by expert authors, and practical tips in each chapter.

Useful for health care professionals, microbial scientists, and infectious diseases specialists, the information in Infections of Leisure will support confident identification of leisure-associated infections and enable informed choices, as well as provide an understanding of the risks posed to human health.

is Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He is currently Medical Director of the Tuberculosis Control Program for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. A graduate of Yale University and Tufts Medical School, Dr. Schlossberg completed his medical residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, and his infectious disease fellowship at Emory University. Dr. Schlossberg is editor of Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections, Sixth Edition (ASM Press, 2011). He has written hundreds of articles on internal medicine and infectious diseases.

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24 October 2016

In Infections of Leisure, infectious disease specialists discuss the risks of infection associated with various activities—traveling, high-altitude trekking and mountaineering, camping (arthropod-borne diseases/arboviruses), gardening,
swimming/hot tub use, body piercing and tattooing, consumption of exotic foods, sports participation, interaction with animals (zoonoses), and sexual activity. Select envenomations/poisonings, primarily those associated with dangerous marine life, are also included. Considerations are global in scope, highlighting information on pathogenic organisms, clinical disease, epidemiology, and treatment. While interesting and informative, the depth of discussion varies significantly within the chapters. The categorization of some infectious disease agents seems forced and artificial. In some of the considered circumstances, infections discussed are rarely (if ever) reported. In other cases, important considerations may be relegated to a brief entry in a table. As expected, considering the ubiquity of environmental pathogens, there is
extensive repetition from chapter to chapter. However, each chapter contains a section on practical tips. In some instances, these tips are meant as differential diagnostic aids for healthcare workers; in other instances, these serve as
advice for ways to avoid infections. This book will primarily interest healthcare workers, especially those working in the field of infectious disease.

Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals and practitioners.

Reviewer: D. A. Brass, independent scholar

Review Date: October 2016

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