Chapter 16 : Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs

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Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, Page 1 of 2

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Iron is one of the most abundant elements on earth. Due to its chemical properties, in particular its redox potential, it was used as a cofactor in a large number of proteins since the emergence of life. Before the appearance of an oxidative atmosphere, iron was found mainly in its reduced, ferrous form (Fe). Fe is typically the bioreactive form of iron that is found in proteins, as an isolated ion, in the center of porphyrin to form heme, or in coordination with sulfur atoms to constitute so-called Fe-S cluster cofactors ( ). Bacteria contain many iron-using proteins involved in a plethora of reactions, mainly, but not limited to, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, photosynthesis, N fixation, and DNA biosynthesis.

Citation: Chareyre S, Mandin P. 2019. Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, p 267-281. In Storz G, Papenfort K (ed), Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.RWR-0010-2017
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Figure 1

RyhB regulatory mechanisms. (A) RyhB represses expression of multiple mRNAs by inhibiting translation initiation and inducing mRNA degradation. RyhB base-pairing blocks ribosome attachment to the RBS. Consequently, the mRNA is degraded by RNase E recruitment at sites that can be distant from the base-pairing region. (B) RyhB promotes the degradation of the transcript by base-pairing to the translation initiation region of while the 5′ part of the mRNA, encoding , remains stable and is translated. (C) RyhB positively regulates expression by opening a stem-loop structure that otherwise inhibits ribosome attachment to the RBS. (D) RyhB activates translation of by displacing Hfq, which otherwise blocks ribosome attachment. (E) RyhB’s activity can be modulated thanks to the 3′ external transcribed spacer of the tRNA (in purple).

Citation: Chareyre S, Mandin P. 2019. Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, p 267-281. In Storz G, Papenfort K (ed), Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.RWR-0010-2017
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Image of Figure 2
Figure 2

The iron-sparing response established by RyhB. Under iron-replete conditions, Fur-Fe represses expression. During iron starvation, Fur repression is abolished and RyhB is rapidly expressed. RyhB mediates an Fe-sparing response through three mechanisms: (A) RyhB represses the expression of mRNAs coding for iron-using proteins; (B) RyhB, together with IscR, orchestrates Fe-S biogenesis systems through regulation of the Isc machinery and expression; and (C) RyhB promotes Fe uptake via the upregulation of and and repression of the gene, which leads to serine accumulation used for enterobactin production.

Citation: Chareyre S, Mandin P. 2019. Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, p 267-281. In Storz G, Papenfort K (ed), Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.RWR-0010-2017
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Generic image for table
Table 1

Summary of validated and putative RyhB targets using different set of data

Citation: Chareyre S, Mandin P. 2019. Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, p 267-281. In Storz G, Papenfort K (ed), Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.RWR-0010-2017
Generic image for table
Table 2

Overview of Fe-sparing response by sRNA in bacteria

Citation: Chareyre S, Mandin P. 2019. Bacterial Iron Homeostasis Regulation by sRNAs, p 267-281. In Storz G, Papenfort K (ed), Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.RWR-0010-2017

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