Acanthamoeba castellanii


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  • Pathogenic and Opportunistic Free-Living Amebae
  • Free-Living and Host-Associated Protozoa as Training Camps for Intracellular Pathogens
  • Monochloramine Treatment Induces a Viable-but-Nonculturable State into Biofilm and Planktonic Populations
  • Characterization of GDSL-Hydrolases of the Lung Pathogen
  • Identification of Genes under Transcriptional Control of LpnR Regulatory Proteins
  • Strongly Increases the Number of in Model Tap Water Biofilms
  • Occurrence and Diversity of in Water Samples from the Brazilian Environment
  • Phase Variation of Lipopolysaccharide and Other Virulence Determinants in
  • Interaction of with
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