Small Nuclear RNA


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  • Covering All the Bases in Genetics: Simple Shorthands and Diagrams for Teaching Base Pairing to Biology Undergraduates
  • Genomic and Postgenomic Approaches to Understanding the Pathogenesis of the Enteric Protozoan Parasite
  • Detection of Autoantibodies against Proteins and Ribonucleoproteins by Double Immunodiffusion and Immunoprecipitation
  • Other Diseases Associated with Defects in Nucleotide Excision Repair of DNA
  • Effects of Picornavirus Proteinases on Host Cell Transcription
  • Molecular Biology, Molecular Phylogeny, and Molecular Diagnostic Approaches to the Microsporidia
  • Microsporidian Biochemistry and Physiology
  • Historical Perspectives on RNA Nucleoside Modifications
  • Posttranscriptional Modifications in the U Small Nuclear RNAs
  • The Pseudouridine Residues of rRNA: Number, Location, Biosynthesis, and Function
  • Intracellular Locations of RNA-Modifying Enzymes
  • Modified Nucleosides Always Were: an Evolutionary Model
  • Biophysical and Conformational Properties of Modified Nucleosides in RNA (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies)
  • Effects of Pseudouridylation on tRNA Hydration and Dynamics: a Theoretical Approach
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