Small Nucleolar RNA


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  • Detection of Autoantibodies against Proteins and Ribonucleoproteins by Double Immunodiffusion and Immunoprecipitation
  • Reconstitution of the 50S Subunit with In Vitro-Transcribed 23S rRNA: a New Tool for Studying Peptidyltransferase
  • Historical Perspectives on RNA Nucleoside Modifications
  • Posttranscriptional Modifications in the U Small Nuclear RNAs
  • The Pseudouridine Residues of rRNA: Number, Location, Biosynthesis, and Function
  • Small Nucleolar RNAs Guide the Ribose Methylations of Eukaryotic rRNAs
  • Functional Aspects of the Three Modified Nucleotides in Yeast Mitochondrial Large-Subunit rRNA
  • RNA Editing by Base Conversion in Plant Organellar RNAs
  • RNA-Modifying and RNA-Editing Enzymes: Methods for Their Identification
  • RNA Editing in Mitochondria
  • Intracellular Locations of RNA-Modifying Enzymes
  • Modified Nucleosides Always Were: an Evolutionary Model
  • Mechanisms of RNA-Modifying and -Editing Enzymes
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