Type VI Secretion System


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  • The Mosaic Type IV Secretion Systems
  • Small Things Considered
  • The Enterobacterial Genotoxins: Cytolethal Distending Toxin and Colibactin
  • Strategies Used by Bacteria to Grow in Macrophages
  • Mechanism and Function of Type IV Secretion During Infection of the Human Host
  • Small RNAs in Bacterial Virulence and Communication
  • The Versatile Type VI Secretion System
  • The Type VI Secretion System in and Related Species
  • Education Board:
  • Allies and Adversaries: Roles of the Microbiome in Infectious Disease
  • ASM Announces Senior Editors for and
  • Metabolism and Pathogenicity of Infections in the Lungs of Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis
  • Journal Watch
  • Cholera: Environmental Reservoirs and Impact on Disease Transmission
  • *
  • How Genomics Has Shaped Our Understanding of the Evolution and Emergence of Pathogenic
  • Fitness Islands in Uropathogenic
  • Genomic and Virulence Heterogeneity of Enteroaggregative
  • : a Model Phagocyte and a Model for Host-Pathogen Interactions
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