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  • Treatment of Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Nosocomial L Infection in the County of Copenhagen, 2000–2004
  • Detection from Water Samples by Real-Time PCR
  • Evaluation of the Dynal Biotech Immunomagnetic Separation Method versus Conventional Culture for the Isolation of Serogroup 1 from Water Samples
  • A Novel and Rapid Detection System for Water Analysis
  • Field Evaluation of the Binax Equate Test Kit for Enumeration of Serogroup 1 in Cooling Water Samples
  • Method Development for Detection in Metalworking Fluids
  • Risk Assessment for in Building Water Systems: Managing the Myths
  • Controlling in Hospital Water Systems: Facts versus Folklore
  • Review of Nosocomial Outbreaks
  • Risk of in the Spa Industry: Inadequacy of Current Legislation Covering Thermal Waters used for Medicinal Purposes
  • Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater: a Possible Source of Infection
  • Six-Month Experience of Silver-Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment for Control in Two Nursing Home Water Systems
  • Population Control in Cooling Water Systems
  • Control of Proliferation Risk in Cooling Water Systems
  • Control of in Large Buildings through Community-Wide Introduction of Monochloramine
  • Specific Detection of in Samples from Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia by PCR and a Colorimetric Detection System (Reverse Dot Blot)
  • Duopath : a New Immunochromatographic Test for Simultaneous Identification of and Species
  • Antigenic Diversity of a 19-Kilodalton Peptidoglycan-Associated Lipoprotein among Species Determined by Reactivity Patterns to Monoclonal Antibodies
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