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  • Teaching the History of Microbiology and the Transformation of the Laboratory: A Study in Miniature
  • Symbiosis in the Soil: Citizen Microbiology in Middle and High School Classrooms
  • Cover Your Cough! A Short and Simple Activity to Demonstrate the Antimicrobial Effect of Desiccation
  • A New Twist to the Kirby-Bauer Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Activity—Increasing Antibiotic Sensitivity of through Thermal Stress
  • Making the Basic Microbiology Laboratory an Exciting and Engaging Experience
  • Determination of the Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Student Cell Phones
  • Use of Blue Agar CAS Assay for Siderophore Detection
  • Gain in Student Understanding of the Role of Random Variation in Evolution Following Teaching Intervention Based on Luria-Delbruck Experiment
  • Catabolism of Amino Acids and Related Compounds
  • Simple Gifts: The Plate Technique
  • Index
  • Utilization of Amino Acids and Other Nitrogen-Containing Compounds
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