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  • Correlating Student Knowledge and Confidence Using a Graded Knowledge Survey to Assess Student Learning in a General Microbiology Classroom
  • Teaching Scientific Ethics Effectively at Any Level
  • Utilizing the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Resources to Teach Ethical Writing Skills to Undergraduates in STEM Courses
  • The Gen-Ethics Bowl – An In-Class Activity Combining Genetics and Bioethics
  • Introducing Ethics in Your Instruction Using a TED Talks Playlist
  • A Modern Twist on the Beaumont and St. Martin Case: Encouraging Analysis and Discussion in the Bioethics Classroom with Reflective Writing and Concept Mapping
  • Personalized Genetic Testing as a Tool for Integrating Ethics Instruction into Biology Courses
  • Introductory Text Answers the Question “Why Does Scientific Ethics Matter?”
  • Ethics Is Not Rocket Science: How to Have Ethical Discussions in Your Science Class
  • Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Memory and Learning
  • A Board Game for Undergraduate Genetics Vocabulary and Concept Review: The Pathway Shuffle
  • Using ASM Podcasts to Excite Undergraduate Students about Current Microbiological Research
  • Moral Games Teach Bioethics at Any Level
  • Life after Misconduct: Promoting Rehabilitation while Minimizing Damage
  • Critical Issues in the Teaching of Responsible Writing
  • (The Ethics of) Teaching Science and Ethics: A Collaborative Proposal
  • Smart Teaching Matters! Applying the Research on Learning to Teaching RCR
  • The Interrelationship between Research Integrity, Conflict of Interest, and the Research Environment
  • Aligning Objectives and Assessment in Responsible Conduct of Research Instruction
  • Evaluation in RCR Training—Are You Achieving What You Hope For?
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